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Hi Parents or Students, if you are looking for a committed tutor......
  • who is passionate and knowledgeable in Secondary School Mathematics and Science to help the student build up the essential thinking process skills.
  • who is familiar with the current school syllabus and had been actively coaching students for their GCE O Level examination for years.
  • who know the tricks of mastering various difficult topics in Emaths, AMaths, Chemistry, Physic and is able to help students learn in a effective way.
  • who is willing to struggle and grow with the student's regardless of their current results.
  • who had many years of experience working with teenagers and understand their needs and feelings.
  • who truly enjoy building the young generation and see them success in life.

You have come to the right place ! I am Mr Brain and I am here to serve you.


If your children are currently studying in secondary school, beware of the following common pitfalls

  • Failed to react during the early stage of a study problem ? 
This is the most common mistake made by parents and students. When transitioning from primary to secondary school, there are many new process thinking skills and knowledge contents that the students need to adapt and master. Many students faced difficulty in handling Maths and Science initially because of their lack of visualization skill to understand the Mathematics and Scientific models.
When the students face such problems in sec 1 & 2, instead of looking for help to overcome them, they choose the easier way out by skipping them....unaware that the problem will snowball. Failure to understand a few modules in lower secondary level will eventually lead to their inability to handle the complex algebric manipulation and scientific calculations in the upper secondary level.
Sad to say that by the time they start looking for tuition in sec 3 or 4, they were already been channelled into 5 years academic or normal technical stream which limit their choice of future study & career path.
Lesson learnt no 1:
If you have trouble catching up with Maths and Science during Sec1 or 2, please do not delay. React Now and look for help from school teacher or find a tutor who can help you build up the right thinking skills. Do not break contact with your classmates' pace of learning and do not skip any topics !
  • Are you studying only enough material to meet the scope of O level examination ?
Examination is an important way to assess the relative intellectual level of the students. Many students made the mistake of studying for the purpose of examination only. When you have this mindset, you will always be asking " Are these topics tested in O Level ? " and you will always limit yourself to learn only topics what will be tested.
What you are unaware is that you had missed many chances of getting ahead from your peers and you are killing your own curiosity & interests about acquiring new knowledge. For student who adopt the right attitude to learn and absorb whatever material come their way usually outperform the rest both in examination and in life.
Many tricky questions in GCE O level papers requires out of scope understanding to get it right...the few marks that differentiate A1 from A2.
Lesson learnt no 2:
Always learnt ahead of your current level !  If you are now in O level and have no problem handling the subjects, try buy some A-level textbooks and use them as your reference books.
If you are engaging a tutor to help you improve your target score in GCE O Level, find one who can bring you deeper into each topics and lay a strong foundation for A level or Polytechnics.
  • Do you often hear your child say : "I failed my examination because I am not gifted" ?
The worst excuse we often hear from students failing examination is : " I am stupid !". Study is a complex learning process which involved not only students but the teachers, school & home environement factors, students physical & mental conditions etc. Whenever a learning problem arises, there are many interacting factors that causes it...some of which the parents can part-take to address.
For example, a poor study home environment with lot of distractions such as TV, computer will suck up the student's time & energy at home. Some children might have natural learning dis-order problems which make their study unfruitful eventhough they spent most of time working really hard.
Lesson learnt no 3:
Learn to analyse and understand the root causes of yours (if you are the student) or your child's learning problem and do not allow building up a wrong self image as being Stupid.
If you are spending time and money engaging a tutor for help, be sure to find one who understood the entire process of learning and who can tackle the real cause of problem instead of adding more pressure to the student by simplying giving more homework.
  • Do you think studying Maths & Science is only important to pass exam in school ?
A very common self-consoling thought from students who cannot handle Maths and Science is : "Nevermind ! study Maths & Science is not everything, I am not planning to be a scientist anyway...".
The problem is that they do not understand the essence of introducing Maths and Science in school syllabus is to build  process thinking skills and mindset that enabled the student to handle practical problem in future work and life scenarios.
For example, a simple compound interest rate topic in Emaths helps to build concept and skill for the student about future investment & wealth management. Students who do not bother to learn about these principles will eventually find themselves lagging behind competitiors from same generation.
Lesson learnt  no 4:
Study Maths and Science now will help you build up many critical thinking skills that are very important for future survival in this modern world. Make sure you overcome any difficulty you face and engage someone to help you if needed to. Don't just give up !
  • Trying to cut down tuition cost ?
  • Tuition is expansive but may be essential for your children. Many parents from lower income families made the mistake of trying to minimise tuition expanses by engaging tutor only during the pre-exam period hoping that their child can learn within a few sessions and acheive good results.
    There are many issues with this approach: a) The time-to-exam is to0 short for their children to overcome the learning obstacles and gain the necessary knowledge, b) The time is too short for any good tutor to help them and c) There might not be able to find good tutor willing to help within the short time given. The end result will be the children continue to do badly in exams and the $ spent for the few tution sessions will be down the drain.
    Lesson learnt no 5:
    If you have limited budget for tuition, look for small group tuition with good methodology. Also, start tuition as soon as there is sign of lagging in school common tests to get back on track. Give your child enough time to learn and prepare for exam !
  • Expansive Tutors = Good Tutors ?
  • There are parents who think that the higher the qualification level (naturally they are much more expansive) of the tutors, the better will their child learn from them. So we can see many tuition providers over-emphasizing their tutors' qualification (Master, PhD, professors..) in order to attract parents' attention.
    The knowledge of the tutor is essential, but equally important are the coaching skills and experiences working closely with teenagers. Who you really need is someone who can come down to your child's knowledge level, coach them to learn and build up self study skills instead of someone who choose to give lecture face to face. Many parent simply do not appreciate the stress of the students facing an  over-qualified lecturer on a 1-to-1 basis.
     Lesson learnt no 6:
    If you have excess money to spend on your child, let them pick up music, art and sport etc to enrich their life skills. As for tuition needs, look for experienced  tutors who are suitably qualified so that your child can bond with the tutor and enjoy the learning journey. As a parents. you should always get in touch and stay in touch with the tutors.
  • It is always better to have the tuition at home?
  • Some parents have very interesting thought that it is always better to have the tutor come to their house so that they can keep an eye on the child & the tutor during the tuition sessions. They hold on to the attitude of mis-trust to their child and tutor without knowing that they are taking away the chance of letting the child learn self discipline and get out from their home comfort zone.
    Very often HOME is also a place with lot of distractions: Handphone, IPad, Computer, TV, Pets, Beds, Foods, Parents etc which contribute partially to their  current study problem.
    Lesson learnt no 7:

    Unless your child is physical disable, please try to help them get out from their comfort zone, get away from all sources of distraction by having tuition at the tutor specified location. You can expect that tutors who have fixed location always provides good setup and teaching aids which make learning more effective and fun. Pay a visit to the tutor before you sign up with them!


    I had just shared with you some of the very common wrong thinking patterns and approach that many of my students and their parents took. I hope you find them enlightening...
    My tuition and coaching approach is to treat each student uniquely each having their own characters and learning habbits. I worked closely with the child and parents with one ultimate aim: 
    " To help every child maximize their potential and becoming a successful life long learner. "

    Studying in Secondary School is part of a long process of training and building up the physical brain and mindset (i.e knowledge application) preparing the students for tertiary education. I had personally went through this learning journey and also spent many years helping young students and working adults (advance learners) learn to master the skill.  
    If there is any area that I could help you or your child, please feel free to contact me for a discussion.
          Best Regards
         Mr Brain